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Hedland Precinct Power Project

The four dual-fuel gas turbines, which run on clean-burning natural gas, were installed and tested before the end of 2014 and officially commissioned in early 2015.

In November 2015, Horizon Power also commissioned phase two of the Hedland Precinct Power Project which was the construction of a seven kilometre transmission line from the new generation to the Hedland terminal. The new 220 kilovolt line ensures security of electricity supplies in the region and will support the HPPP short term generation as well as the long-term 150 megawatt power station being built on the same site - the Boodarie Industrial Estate in South Hedland - by TransAlta Energy (for more information see Pilbara Power Project).   

The short term generation (the 60 MW station) is powered by gas turbines which are owned and operated by APR Energy.

Despite the challenges faced by the project in the wake of the collapse of two major contractors in 2014, Horizon Power was able to deliver the the generation and transmission phases of this project on time and under budget.

The Hedland power station will operate until at least 2017 when the TransAlta station is expected to be providing power to the Pilbara.

Horizon Power and Fortescue Metals Group are the foundation customers of the long-term station which will produce 150 megawatts of power to the Pilbara.

The TransAlta station will use much of the infrastructure already in place at the site which means most of the money invested in HPPP will be recovered.

As your local energy partner in the Pilbara, Horizon Power is committed to delivering safe and reliable power supplies to Pilbara residents.

Fast Facts 

  • The amount of energy the new power station will supply is approximately half of the electricity currently used in Karratha, Port Hedland, South Hedland, Point Samson and Roebourne. This extra generation is required to support the residential, commercial and industrial growth in the Pilbara.
  • The second stage of the Project involves increasing transmission capacity by installing an additional 220 kV line which will extend seven kilometres from the new power station to the Horizon Power Hedland Terminal.
  • The new line will support the increase in forecast demand and enhance reliability of the existing aged 220 kV transmission assets.

Frequently asked questions

The additional generation solution consists of 60 MW of dual-fuel installed capacity. Both gas and diesel can be used, ensuring the security of power supplies.

The cost to build, install and operate the temporary generation solution will be approximately $180 million over two years period (including capital and operating expenditure).

The station is located within the Boodarie Resource Processing Estate (the Estate), approximately 13 kilometres south of Port Hedland and approximately six  kilometres west of South Hedland, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

In determining a suitable site for the power station, a number of items were considered including:

  •          Existing transmission line constraints;
  •          Potential for growth in Karratha vs. Port Hedland;
  •          Access to natural gas;
  •          Overall environmental impacts;
  •          Access to water; and
  •          General environmental considerations.

After considering a number of sites in the Pilbara region, Port Hedland was chosen as the most suitable location and more specifically, Boodarie.

Boodarie has a range of benefits that include:

  •          Close proximity to existing natural gas pipeline infrastructure;
  •          Close proximity to existing electricity transmission lines;
  •          It is located in an area which will be industrial;
  •          It is located a substantial distance from residential and commercial precincts thereby minimising any potential land use conflicts in the future; and
  •          Close proximity to Horizon Power’s customers providing for increased security of supply.

Horizon Power has worked with the Pilbara Native Title Service and Marrapikarrunya Pty Ltd that represent the traditional owners of the land, the Kariyarra People throughout the project.

A heritage survey has been undertaken and nothing of heritage significance was found. Aboriginal Monitors were on site during the excavation works.

Horizon Power’s remit is to provide energy for the ongoing development of regional communities. It undertakes energy infrastructure planning across the State.

An assessment of the energy requirements for the Pilbara and the service delivery options available to meet these needs, determined that a hired generating plant solution offered the best outcomes.

The existing 220 kV transmission line between Karratha and Port Hedland does not have sufficient capacity.

The NWIS connects Karratha and Port Hedland. At present, Port Hedland’s energy requirements are predominantly met by transporting electricity from power stations located at the Karratha end of the network.

The existing 220 kV transmission line between Karratha and Port Hedland does not have sufficient capacity to meet the energy requirements of the Port Hedland area.

Having additional generation at Port Hedland will reduce electricity transportation costs, stabilise the network and reduce voltage fluctuations.

Security of power supplies will also be improved by having a new power station in Port Hedland. In the event of a fault on the network between Karratha and Port Hedland, continuity of supply would be enabled.

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