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Town-based communities electricity upgrades

Small Aboriginal communities located near regional and remote towns are generally connected to the nearest town power supply. Under the Town Reserves Regularisation Project (TRRP), Horizon Power is funded by the Department of Housing to upgrade electricity infrastructure to a standard in line with that in mainstream towns. This infrastructure upgrade is known as 'regularisation'.

After regularisation, electricity generation, transmission and distribution, and retail services are delivered to Horizon Power standards.

Customers in Aboriginal communities may have the option to receive a power bill or have power supplied through a pre-payment meter. Many customers opt for a pre-payment in preference to power bills because customers find the meters allow them to pay for power as they use it, and the meters provide better visibility of power use and costs.

TRRP Phase 1 Completion date
Budulah December 2006
Burrinunga January 2007
Djimund-Nguda December 2006
Guda Guda April 2007
Karmulinunga January 2007
Kurnangki July 2006
Mindi Rardi September 2007
Nicholson Camp October 2006
Nicholson Camp November 2006
Warrayu April 2007
TRRP Phase 2 Completion date
Bindi Bindi 2nd Quarter 2010
Bondini June 2009
Bungardi 3rd Quarter 2009
Burawa 4th Quarter 2009
Cheeditha 1st Quarter 2010
Darlgunaya 3rd Quarter 2009
Irrungadji 3rd Quarter 2010
Goodabinya 3rd Quarter 2010
Junjuwa 4th Quarter 2009
Mardiwah Loop* 4th Quarter 2009
Mungullah March 2009
Nambi Road May 2009
Ninga Mia July 2009
Wongatha April 2009
TRRP Phase 3 Completion date
Bayulu October 2013
Looma July 2013
Mowanjum June 2013