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Eligibility to install and buyback schemes

We offer customers the opportunity to apply to install renewable energy systems which are sufficient in size to cover their annual electricity needs.   

If you don't use all of the electricity you generate, we may be able to buyback excess electricity you export into the electricity system. We offer buyback rates for each town which reflect our cost of electricity generation and distribution in that town. Because these costs vary greatly between towns across our vast service area, the rates differ significantly also.

Are you considering installing solar panels?

The following information will assist you in determining if you are eligible to install and if you can apply for our buyback offer. 

Horizon Power offers the buyback price to all residential customers if they live in a town that can accept additional managed or unmanaged renewable energy systems.

Unmanaged hosting capacity is only available to customers on the A2, C2, D2 tariffs or to an educational institution that wishes to install a renewable energy system size less than or equal to five kilowatts. Generation management is required to install systems that are greater than five kilowatts. Please note the buyback price is not available to residential customers installing systems greater than five kilowatts.

If your town’s network has reached the maximum amount of renewable energy it can host without compromising the reliability of power supply to all customers (we call this hosting capacity). We are able to offer additional hosting capacity if generation management systems are installed. Generation management controls the electricity output of the renewable energy system but may be more expensive to install. 

We only offer a buyback price to business customers in towns where the cost of generating electricity is high and there is managed hosting capacity available in the town.

Customers on the L2, L4, K2, N2, P2 and M2 tariffs will need to install a generation managed system even if there is unmanaged hosting capacity available in the town. The buyback offer is only available to customers on these tariffs in towns with higher generating costs, however renewable energy systems may still be approved for installation.  If you have any questions about the results the eligibility calculator provides, please contact us at

  • We recommend you print or save the results from the calculator and discuss them with an accredited installer.
  • If your application to install a renewable energy system is accepted, you must comply with the terms and conditions and technical requirements, even if you do not intend to sell any excess electricity to Horizon Power.
  • If your application specifies you will need to install generation management or feed-in management, we recommend you discuss your options with your installer and ask what additional costs are associated. Horizon Power can not confirm these costs until after the relevant system impact studies are completed. 
  • Our agreement with you, including the buyback price, may change annually or from time to time. We will notify you of any changes before they are implemented.
  • It is worth noting that Horizon Power customers are paid the same or higher buyback rates than their counterparts in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) because Horizon Power’s generating and distributing costs are higher than in the SWIS. Horizon Power sets the buyback price and it is approved by the Coordinator of Energy. However the price Horizon Power customers pay for the electricity they use from our system is set by the State Government and is heavily subsidised – on average by $4000 a year per customer. Horizon Power  customers  who are on A2, C2, D2, K2, L2 and L4 tariffs pay exactly the same price for electricity as customers in the SWIS despite the higher generating costs across regional Western Australia.

Am I eligible to install a renewable energy system?

For both residential and commercial customer groups, you must use the eligibility calculator to determine if you are able to install a system and are eligible to apply for the buyback price. Buyback rates are reviewed annually and the amount payable is subject to change. We will advise you of any changes that affect your buyback rates.

For each town, we have a certain amount of capacity for renewable energy that can be safely installed on the power system and we call this hosting capacity. Please use the eligibility calculator or refer to the fact sheet below to see if your town has hosting capacity available. Note: hosting capacity changes daily as applications are approved, so we can only confirm availability when processing your application. The fact sheet will give you an idea of how much hosting capacity and generation managed capacity may be left in your town and should be used as a guide only.  

Available hosting capacity - effective February 2017 

Eligibility calculator


If you wish to apply for 1MW, please enter as 1,000kW


Eligibility Result


Call our Renewable Energy hotline on 1800 618 916.