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Understanding renewable energy

The Solar Story

We have produced a short online video explaining, in simple terms, the way our isolated power systems, or microgrids, need to be carefully managed to ensure an increase in renewable energy does not impact the reliability of power supplies to all of our customers.

We support eligible customers who choose to install a renewable energy system.

Not only are you helping the environment, you can also reduce your own electricity bills by powering your electricity needs with renewables.  However there is a cost to Horizon Power to support customers who install solar – the costs of maintaining the network to which renewable energy is connected is just one of those.

Eligibility to install and our buyback offer

Some customers who install a renewable energy system may be eligible to participate in our renewable energy buyback offer where we purchase any excess electricity generated from your renewable energy system. Before you install, we need to make sure your town is able to accept a renewable energy system without compromising the reliability of power supplies to all our customers. We set limits on the amount of renewable energy that can be installed in each town to ensure electricity supplies to all customers can be maintained.  We also need to assess your eligibility to take part in our buyback offer.

This section is designed to assist you in determining your eligibility for installing a renewable energy system and participating in our buyback offer.

How to apply 

You can apply online for approval for both. You can also use the application form to add panels to an existing system, increase the size of an inverter and/or apply the renewable energy buyback offer to an existing/installed renewable energy system.

It is important to note that you must receive approval from Horizon Power to install a renewable energy system even if you do not wish to participate or are not eligible to participate in our buyback offer. 


Call our Renewable Energy hotline on 1800 618 916.

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