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Manuals and standards

  • HPC-9DJ-01-0001-2012 Horizon Power Technical Rules (Pilbara Grid and Non Interconnected Systems)Download
  • Technical Rules Derogation for Dampier 33kV (April 2017)Download

We are committed to meeting all legal obligations in relation to legislative, regulatory and environmental requirements.

The Field Instructions Practices have been developed to ensure standardisation of work practices and procedures for all employees, contractors and sub-contractors.

The Field Practice Manuals are for use on our Distribution, Transmission networks and Generation systems.

They set the minimum standards and are available electronically to all relevant employees, contractors and sub-contractors and must be followed at all times.

The Field Practices are constantly being reviewed, updated and developed to meet the changing needs and trends for working on our assets. Any new and/or updates to Field Instructions a bulletin will be sent out by the Field Practices Group to all employees, contractors and sub-contractors.

Horizon Power Instructions Manual 

Electrical Safety Standards

Generation Permit to Work Standard

High Voltage Live Line Manual

Horizon Power Testing and Commissioning Standards

Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) Manual

Network Permit to Work Training Manual

Underground Cable Installation Manual

Vegetation Management Manual

Very Low Frequency (VLF) Testing of HV Cables Manual

Works Near Horizon Powers Underground & Overhead Electrical Networks

46-2017-1837 - Horizon Power (Covering Letter + Exemption)

LV SCT Form - Network Analyser

Regional Power Corporation (Horizon Power) - TFB Exemption 22C - 30 June 2018

Switchgear Instruction Manual - SIM

Switching Authorisation Form

Switching Operators Manual - Distribution

Switching Operators Manual - Transmission

Switching Process and Rules

DCS Part 2 - (R) Reference

DCS Part 4 - (H) HV Overhead

DCS Part 5 - (U) LV Underground

DCS Part 6 - (L) LV Overhead

DCS Part 7 - (A) LVABC

DCS Part 8 - (S) Streetlights

DCS Part 9 - (M) Miscellaneous

DCS Part 10 Distribution Substation

(G1) Customer Supply Arrangements

(G2) MV Network Arrangements

(DSM 3) Substation Arrangements (G3 conversion in progress)

(G4) Equipment Installation Guide

(G5) Fire Protection Requirements

(G6) Miscellaneous

(G7) Superseded Equipment (G7 conversion in progress)

(G8) Distribution Automation

(G9) Environmental Protection

DCS Part 11 - (X) Maintenance

HPC-9DJ-01-0002-2015 Distribution Design Rules

HPC-1DC-07-0001-2014 - Cat - DDC High Voltage Bare (HV)

HPC-1DC-07-0002-2014 - Cat - DDC Poles (PO)

HPC-1DC-07-0003-2014 - Cat - DDC Running Earth and Earthing (RE)

HPC-1DC-07-0004-2014 - Cat - DDC Low Voltage Bare (LV)

HPC-1DC-07-0005-2014 - Cat - DDC Low Voltage ABC (AB)

HPC-1DC-07-0006-2014 - Cat - DDC Stays (ST)

HPC-1DC-07-0007-2014 - Cat - DDC Conductor and Fittings (CN)

HPC-1DC-07-0008-2014 - Cat - DDC Transformers (TX)

HPC-1DC-07-0010-2014 - Cat - DDC High Voltage Underground (HU)

HPC-1DC-07-0011-2014 - Cat - DDC Low Voltage Underground (LU)

HPC-1DC-07-0012-2014 - Cat - DDC Street Lighting (SL)

HPC-1DC-07-0013-2014 - Cat - DDC Decorative Materials (DM)

HPC-1DC-07-0014-2014 - Cat - DDC Network Devices (ND)

HPC-1DC-07-0015-2014 - Cat - DDC Low Voltage Metering (LM)

HPC-1DC-07-0016-2014 - Cat - DDC Unmetered (UM)

HPC-4DL-07-0001-2014 DCT - CT Metered LV Customer Connections

HPC-4DL-07-0002-2014 DCT - Distribution Substation (Fire Rated)

HPC-4DL-07-0003-2014 DCT - Distribution Substation (Non-Fire Rated)

HPC-4DL-07-0004-2014 DCT - Earth Testing for Distribution Substations

HPC-4DL-07-0005-2014 DCT - HV XLPE Cables

HPC-4DL-07-0006-2014 DCT - HV Cables Repair Faults

HPC-4DL-07-0007-2014 DCT - HV Cust Conn or Reconnection

HPC-4DL-07-0008-2014 DCT - HV Mixed Cables

HPC-4DL-07-0009-2014 DCT - HV Overhead Lines

HPC-4DL-07-0012-2014 DCT - HV RMU Switchgear

HPC-4DL-07-0013-2014 DCT - Load Break Switch

HPC-4DL-07-0014-2014 DCT - LV Aerial Bundled Conductor

HPC-4DL-07-0016-2014 DCT - LV Cables with or without pillars

HPC-4DL-07-0017-2014 DCT - LV Overhead Lines

HPC-4DL-07-0018-2014 DCT - LV Kiosk

HPC-4DL-07-0019-2014 DCT - MPS Dist Trfr

HPC-4DL-07-0021-2014 DCT - Non MPS Dist Trfr

HPC-4DL-07-0023-2014 DCT - Pole Top Switch

HPC-4DL-07-0024-2014 DCT - Three Ph Pole Mounted Trfr

HPC-4DL-07-0026-2014 DCT - Nulec Pole Mounted Recloser

HPC-4DL-07-0027-2014 DCT - Poles and Line Hardware WITHDRAWN

HPC-4DL-07-0028-2014 DCT - Private Parallel Generators

HPC-4DL-07-0029-2014 DCT - Single Ph Pad-Pole Mounted Trfr

HPC-4DL-07-0031-2014 DCT - Steel Pole Streetlights

HPC-4DL-07-0032-2014 DCT - Voltage Regulator (Closed Delta)

HPC-4DL-07-0034-2014 DCT - Network Access Points (AP's) & Relays

HPC-4DL-07-0035-2016 DCT - LV Cables Repair Faults w-out discnect

HPC-4DL-07-0036-2017 DCT - Streetlight component replacement

HPC-4DL-07-0037-2017 DCT - Earth Testing of Altered Systems

HPC-4DL-07-0038-2017 DCT - Earth Testing of Distribution Poles

Data Sheet Templates - (Excel Forms)

AMS 001/2014 – Protection of Steel Standard Poles incorporating Street Lights

AW 009/2012 - Installation & Replacement of Service Cables


Electricity Network Safety Management System Guide

HPC-2NJ-01-0001-2015 - Gdl - Operations Requirements to add Assets

HPC-2NK-17-0030-2015 - Gdl - SF6 Management

Injury Classification Definitions

OSH 3.6-1-32 Contractor Safety and Health Guidelines

HPC-5DA-07-0012-2015 - Man - Underground Distribution Scheme Manual

HPC-11AH-07-0002-2015 - Pol - Distribution Subdivision

HPC-11DR-16-0001-2015 - Pol - Unmetered Supply

HPC-11NH-18-0001-2011 Third Party Attachments Policy - (Formerly known as Decorative Fixtures, Signs, Banners and Artwork on Horizon Power Assets)

HPC-2AH-07-0001-2014 - Gdl - Distribution Pole to Pillar

HPC-2DK-05-0001-2017 - Procedure for contractors - SPD replacement

HPC-7DC-08-0001-2013 – Pcd – Substation Lightning Protection Design

HPC-8DJ-14-0001-2015 - Std - Street Lighting for Turtle Nesting Areas

HPC-9AF-07-0001-2011 - Std - General Template Labelling Standard for Distribution Equipment

HPC-9CA-01-0002-2012 - Std - Numbering and Titling Specification

HPC-9DC-14-0001-2017 - Std - Streetlight Poles

HPC-9DJ-13-0001-2019 - Horizon Power Basic Micro EG Connection Technical Requirements.pdf

HPC-9DJ-13-0002-2019 - Horizon Power Low Voltage EG Connection Technical Requirements.pdf

HPC-9EJ-01-0001-2013 - Std - Horizon Power Environmental Conditions

HPC-9OJ-13-0001-2012 - Std - Transfer of Customer Load between Embedded Generators and the Distribution Network

HPC-8DC-23-0001-2015 Specification - Substation Power Transformer

HPC-8DJ-03-0001-2012 Specification - MV Cable Accessories

HPC-8DJ-03-0003-2012 Specification - LV Power Cables

HPC-8DJ-03-0004-2013 Specification - MV Power Cables (Rated Voltage 3.81/6.6kV to 19/33kV)

HPC-8DJ-03-0005-2012 Specification - Overhead Conductor

HPC-8DJ-07-0001-2013 Specification - Distribution Transformers

HPC-8DJ-07-0002-2013 Specification - SF6 Ring Main Units (RMU)

HPC-8DJ-07-0003-2014 Specification - Technical Requirements for Distribution Reclosers

HPC-8DJ-07-0004-2016 Specification – Insulators (OH Distribution)

HPC-8DJ-14-0001-2013 Specification - LED Street Lights Fittings

HPC-8DJ-16-0001-2013 Specification - Revenue Electricity Meters

HPC-8DJ-16-0002-2013 Specification - MV Metering CTVT Units

HPC-8DJ-23-0001-2013 Specification - MV Switchboard

HPC-8MJ-07-0001-2016 Specification - LV Comp Cross-arms

HPC-8MJ-07-0002-2018 Specification - MV Comp Cross-arms

HPC-8MJ-09-0001-2015 Specification - Kiosk Concrete Pads

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