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Solar energy

Am I eligible to participate in the renewable energy buyback offer?

Residential customers

We offer the buyback price to eligible residential customers who wish to install a five kilowatt or less renewable energy system. For systems that are over five kilowatt in size, we offer a buyback price in towns where the cost of generating electricity is high. The Western Australian Government established the requirement for retailers to offer a buyback scheme through the  Electricity Industry (Licensing Conditions) 2005

Business customers

We offer a buyback price to business customers in towns where the cost of generating electricity is high. Not all business customers will be eligible for the buy back. It will be offered at Horizon Power’s discretion and will require further commercial negotiations. 

Find out if you are eligible for the renewable energy buyback offer 

Use our online calculator to find out if you are eligible to apply for our buyback offer. Please note: you will need to receive approval from Horizon Power to install a renewable energy system even if you do not intend to participate in our buyback offer. As we process applications daily, the information provided through our calculator and our website is subject to change and provided as a guide only. It is not intended to be a guarantee for eligibility. 

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