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Application for Air Conditioning Rebate - apply online

Horizon Power provides an air conditioning rebate to eligible seniors and concession card holders with dependent children.

The rebate is equivalent to the cost of 221.8 kWh of electricity per applicable month to offset some of the electricity costs associated with operating an air conditioner. The rebate applies: • For a specified period depending on where you live;

• To accounts registered in the applicant’s name unless electricity is supplied through a sub meter; and

• For electricity supplied at residential tariff rates (A2). To be eligible for the rebate you must hold:

• a valid Western Australian Seniors Card AND either a Centrelink Pensioners Concession Card OR a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card OR

• a Centrelink Health Care Card with dependant children OR a Pensioner Concession Card (issued by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs) with dependant children OR a Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card with dependant children.

• The following areas, which are north of the 26th Parallel and/or north of the 50-day Relative Strain Index Line, are eligible for the rebate.

Information to note:

Please apply as soon as possible as the entitlement will only be registered from the date Horizon Power receives the completed application form. Horizon Power will periodically check the details supplied by customers and recorded from copies of concession cards with the Office for Seniors Interests and Volunteering, Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to ensure applicants for the air conditioning rebate remain eligible. The name on the Western Australian Seniors Card and the name and address on the Pensioner Concession Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card must match the name and address to which electricity is supplied as detailed on the Horizon Power account.

Centrelink, the Office for Seniors Interests and Volunteering, and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs do not provide Horizon Power with details of any changes related to the card registered, or any other details that have not been obtained from your valid concession card. It is therefore essential that you ensure any changes in your circumstances that may affect your eligibility for the air conditioning rebate are recorded by Horizon Power i.e. change of address, change in pension type and concession card, change of name, change of dependent children etc. 

Apply now.