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Aboriginal engagement

Our service to Aboriginal communities

Since 2008, Horizon Power has upgraded electrical systems in more than 40 Aboriginal communities, ranging from small isolated communities to large town-based communities across our vast service area.

The business is committed to engaging with our Aboriginal customers with dignity and respect as well as ensuring Aboriginal communities are fully informed about any Horizon Power work taking place.

We also provide retail services to the communities that are part of our network as well as education about electrical safety and the new way of paying for power – pre-payment meters – which assist residents to manage their power costs.

Horizon Power aspires to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people through upgrading power supplies to remote and town-based Aboriginal communities.

Most recently, Horizon Power constructed new power stations in the large Kimberley communities of Yungngora and Kalumburu and will seek further funding from government to continue to improve the reliability and safety of power supplies in remote communities.

Horizon Power employs Remote Community Utilities Workers in several communities. These are local Aboriginal people who are trained to maintain power stations in their communities and who engage with community members about concerns related to the payment of power and other related issues.

Where possible, Horizon Power provides employment, training and education to communities and business opportunities for local Aboriginal people, resulting in greater social and economic benefits.

Aboriginal heritage and native title policy

Horizon Power acknowledges that Aboriginal people form a large and integral part of our customer base. Many communities are directly impacted by power supply projects with a number of projects located on or near land where traditional Aboriginal groups claim rights and interests.

Aboriginal heritage and native title are key considerations of any project and form part of the Horizon Power’s commitment to Aboriginal engagement.

Horizon Power is required to comply with Commonwealth and State heritage and native title law. Many sites must comply with by-laws and permits with specific heritage conditions.