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Pilbara Power Project

Horizon Power will buy 110 megawatts (MW) of electricity from the new Pilbara power station being built.

The power station is owned and operated by Canadian energy company TransAlta Energy (Australia) Pty Ltd.Horizon Power has secured short and long-term power supply solutions in the Pilbara to ensure reliability and security of supply.

What's happening now

The construction of the long-term power station by Canadian energy company TransAlta Energy (Australia) Pty Ltd in Port Hedland is nearing completion. Commissioning activities are progressing along with compliance tests with expected completion in mid-2017. The 150 MW station will incorporate the short-term power plant built by Horizon Power (known as the Hedland Precinct Power Project - HPPP) which has been delivering power to the Pilbara since late-2014. Horizon Power has a contract with TransAlta to buy 110 megawatts of generation capacity from the new power station for Horizon Power customers. Fortescue Metals Group is also contracted to buy power from the new station.

The sub-contractors working with Horizon Power and TransAlta on the Pilbara Power Project include TransAlta Corporation, IHI Corporation, Alstom Australia, APA Group, APR Energy and GHD. The new plant can also be expanded to supply power to other commercial users.

The appointment of TransAlta as the successful proponent to build the station followed two years of negotiations, designed to deliver power to the Pilbara at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers. Horizon Power was funded $138 million by the State Government to build the HPPP. The cost of HPPP will be fully recovered because the plant will be incorporated into the new TransAlta station. Construction of the HPPP, which has delivered an additional 67 MW of temporary generation at Boodarie industrial estate in South Hedland, was followed by construction of a second 220 kilovolt (kV) transmission line from the South Hedland Terminal to the Hedland Terminal. The HPPP project was delivered just under budget, despite the challenges of the collapse of two major contractors.

Fast Facts

  • Combined cycle power plants are highly efficient and feature both natural gas and steam turbines, with the steam turbine using waste heat from the gas turbine to generate additional power.
  • The project includes the construction of a new transmission line for delivery of power to FMG’s port operations.
  • Construction of the new station is due to be completed by April 2017 and commissioning of the station is due by mid-2017.