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Power Ahead Research Pilot

The Power Ahead research pilot has now finished

More than 400 Port Hedland residents and businesses participated in our Power Ahead research pilot, helping us test and develop a different way of managing electricity use and bills – similar to a mobile phone plan.

We challenged participants to keep their electricity use within their peak allowance (set number of units per hour) during the 2016/2017 summer peak between 1pm and 8pm and offered them a financial incentive to stay under this allowance.

A total of 392 residents and businesses met this challenge head-on, earning themselves bill credits between $100 and $3,200.

Most participants were able to make changes to how and when they used electricity and shift their electricity use off-peak, with a number of participants being able to reduce their peak electricity use by over 20%.

The Power Ahead Team would like to thank the pilot participants, the community of Port Hedland and pilot research supporters who worked collaboratively with us throughout the pilot.

Important information for pilot participants 

The information you provide in the surveys will help us finalise features of a new product we would like offer customers in the future and will let us know what you liked and disliked about the pilot.

Your incentive payment earned throughout the pilot will be credited to your electricity account after completing the post – pilot survey. You will need to complete the post-pilot survey by 7thApril. We’ll credit your electricity account with your incentive payment and survey credit within 28 days of completing the survey.

You will be to see your incentive payment as soon as we process it by signing up or logging into a My Account  or on your next bill.

No. The app was built as a prototype and as such, it is not fully supported and has experienced some stability issues, so, unfortunately, the pilot app will be unavailable after 1stApril.

The good news is that Horizon Power is currently developing an app for all customers which include many of the suggestions from Power Ahead participants. As a pilot participant, you’ll be one of the first to know when the app is ready for release!

We created a Facebook group for Power Ahead participants to share tips and stories during the pilot. As the pilot has now come to an end, we will be removing the Power Ahead Facebook page on 30th April, which means that you’ll no longer be able to post to this page. However we invite you to follow Horizon Power’s corporate Facebook page @HorizonPowerWA to keep up-to-date with the latest community and industry news and competitions.

On an Android, hold your finger on the icon for a couple of seconds and then drag it to the 'remove' location that appears on the top of your screen.

On an iPhone, hold your finger on the icon for a couple of seconds, then tap the cross that appears at the top left of the icon.

Yes, you will need to complete a survey for each participating premises prior to Friday 7th April to receive your incentive payment.

About the Power Ahead research pilot

Power Ahead ran from 1 December 2016 and finished 31 March 2017. We set participants a challenge to stay under a peak allowance (set number of units per hour) during the peak period (between 1 pm and 8 pm) with participants earning bill credits if they could meet this challenge. During the pilot, we wanted to understand what changes customers are willing and able to make in shifting their electricity use to the off-peak period. To help, we gave participants access to a free smart phone app that showed how much electricity they were using during the peak times.

Everyone who took part continued to pay their regular electricity bills as they normally would. Those that made changes were rewarded with a bill credit of up to $1,100 for residents and $3,200 for businesses.

Now, at the end of the pilot, we’re asking participants how they found making changes and whether they liked the idea of earning an incentive in return for staying under a peak allowance during the peak times.

Approved participants were given a $100 credit on their electricity account for signing up, completing a pre and post-pilot survey and logging into the app.

The incentives offered to participants were between $300 and $1,100 for residents and $300 and $3,200 for businesses.

From 4 January 2017, the value of the incentive reduced each time participants exceeded their peak allowance.

Incentives earned during the pilot will be paid out after completing a post-pilot survey. This reward will be credited to the participant’s next electricity account within 28 days of completing their post-pilot survey.

The Power Ahead research pilot was proudly supported by the following research supporters: