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Your safety is in your hands.

There are many things to be aware of when working near electricity. These risks can be even greater on farms where physical damage to power systems can accidentally be caused by livestock, vehicles, machinery, equipment and workers.By working together we can ensure safe and reliable power supplies for you, your family, employees and the community. 

Be aware of electrical assets on your farm

Make sure you know the location of all electrical infrastructure on or near your property, including overhead and underground electricity networks. If you see an electrical emergency or damaged electrical equipment, call Horizon Power immediately.

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Burning stubble? Avoid trouble.

Stubble fires require careful planning and constant monitoring as they can cause widespread damage and power disruptions if allowed to get out of control.

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Crop dusting and vegetation management

There are things you need to consider when working around powerlines and vegetation.

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Stay in your vehicle if it contacts with power infrastructure

If you attempt to exit the vehicle, there is a risk of electric
shock or electrocution. The safest thing you can do is stay in the vehicle, call Horizon Power on 13 23 51 and wait for us to assist you. We will attend as a priority.

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Stay safe around electrical infrastructure

More tips to help you plan and identify hazards when working around electrical infrastructure.

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