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Stay safe around electrical assets

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From overhead wires and poles, green domes and underground cables, electrical infrastructure is all around us, even if you can’t see it.

Why should trees be trimmed?

Trees or branches touching powerlines are one of the main causes of power interruptions and may cause fires and/or other serious accidents.

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Know the dangers of oversize equipment

Be aware of the height and width of equipment you use or loads you transport.

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Always Dial Before You Dig - Call 1100

No matter the size of your project, whether it be landscaping in your backyard or heavy work such as directional boring or directional drilling, you should be aware of these assets and the risks they pose.

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Underground power at your property

Properties with underground power are connected to the electricity network through a service pillar or ‘green dome’, located just inside the property boundary. It is important to always take care around green domes.

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Private power poles are your responsibility

Keep trees and branches clear of powerlines. This will help prevent power interruptions and reduce the possibility of fire, electric shock or electrocution.

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