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Stay safe this cyclone and storm season

Cyclone safety tips

By following some simple steps before, during and after a cyclone, you can help stay safe and reduce the risk of power interruptions caused by these extreme weather events. Preparing your family and home for a cyclone is your responsibility and should be made a priority.

Stay safe this cyclone season brochure

Storm safety tips

Storms can cause extensive damage to homes, cars and may even cause injury or loss of life. Before storm season hits, it is important to prepare your family and home in case of a storm or emergency.

Stay safe this storm season brochure
Report any electrical incidents or faults to Horizon Power immediately on 13 23 51.
In an emergency situation, call 000.

Extreme weather events can also bring down overhead powerlines.

A fallen powerline can send electricity into the ground for up to 10 metres all around it. If you see a fallen powerline, don’t touch anything near it and keep clear of the 10 metre danger zone. 

Report fallen powerlines to Horizon Power immediately on 13 23 51.

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