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Sell your excess power back to us

The renewable energy buyback offer

If you don't use all of the energy you generate, we may be able to buy back the excess electricity you export into the network. This means the savings you make on your normal bills and the buyback payments you receive by selling excess electricity to Horizon Power can help repay the cost of your system.

We offer buyback rates for each town which reflect our cost of electricity generation and distribution in that town. Because these costs vary greatly between towns across our vast service area, the rates differ significantly. 

Buyback rates are reviewed annually and the amount payable is subject to change. We will advise you of any changes that affect your buyback rates.

Use our calculator to determine if you are eligible to participate in our buyback offer and install solar in your town. 

Check my eligibility

Who is eligible for the buyback offer?

We offer a buyback price to eligible residential customers, charitable organisations and educational institutions who wish to install a five kilowatt or less renewable energy system. This is called the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS).

The Western Australian Government established the requirement for retailers to offer a buyback scheme through the Electricity Industry (Licensing Conditions) 2005

Horizon Power Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) Terms and Conditions

For systems that are over five kilowatt in size, we offer a buyback price in towns where the cost of generating electricity is high. Not all customers will be eligible for the buy back. It will be offered at Horizon Power’s discretion and may require further commercial negotiations. 

Horizon Power Commercial Buyback Terms and Conditions

There are no fees to apply for approval to install a renewable energy system or to participate in our buyback offer for standard applications (systems that do not include generation or Feed-In Management).  If you are approved for our buyback offer a fee will apply if we need to reprogram your meter to record the electricity you export. Find out more.  

We offer a town-by-town buyback rate which reflects the cost of generating and distributing electricity in your town. Buyback rates are reviewed annually and the amount payable is subject to change. We will advise you of any changes that affect your buyback rates.

Use our calculator to find out the buyback rate in your town. 

Credits will appear on your bill after the installation is completed. The amount of electricity you have exported to the electricity system over the billing period will also be itemised on your bill.  An example is available here. 

With our mobile app, you can monitor how much electricity your solar system is exporting to the grid. Download our free app from the Apple or Google Play Store and log in using your My Account email and password. If you haven’t registered with My Account, the app will guide you through the process.

Yes. If you are eligible for the renewable energy buyback scheme, you can apply for our buyback offer on your existing system. 

Use our calculator to check your eligibility and the buyback rate in your town. To apply for the renewable energy buyback offer on an existing system, please call us on 1800 267 926.


Yes. If you already have rooftop solar installed and wish to expand on the number of panels or increase the size of your inverter, you must apply to Horizon Power before carrying out the expansion. Please note, your system may need to comply with the new Technical Requirements depending on the works proposed.

Please speak to a licensed and accredited installer to discuss your options.

Notice for Feed-in Tariff customers

An application for a larger or additional inverter is not eligible for FiT, even if you currently receive FiT. You would lose any existing FiT payments, because the scheme was suspended by the State Government from 1 August 2011 for new applications.

For example, if you are a residential customer with a 3 kW inverter and wish to increase the size to 5 kW, you need to submit a new application for 5 kW. If you meet the eligibility rules, and capacity is available, the application will be approved. The buyback price is as per the eligibility calculator at the time of the new application. However, you will lose any FiT payment you currently receive from the Government.

Horizon Power Buyback Terms and Conditions - Commercial

Horizon Power Buyback Terms and Conditions - Residential

*Please note: this contract applies to "REBS eligible customers" within the meaning of Regulation 3 of the Electricity Industry (Licence Conditions) Regulations 2005 (WA). In general terms, a REBS eligible customer is a customer with a renewable energy system of up to five kilowatts and who is on the A2, C2, D2 tariff; or is an educational institution.