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Generation management

We recognise that many customers wish to connect renewable energy to our electricity systems.

One of the challenges of managing renewable energy installations is the impact of their intermittent nature on the security and reliability of power supply.

Included in our technical requirements are specifications for generation managed renewable energy installations - where the electricity output can be controlled to help maintain the reliability of our power supply to all our customers.

The availability of generation managed installations means that we can allow more renewable energy to be installed across our electricity systems.

Please note: The inverters connected to Horizon Power’s system shall be compliant with AS/NZS 4777.2:2015. The AS/NZS 4777.2:2015 compliant inverters shall be as per the list managed by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).

The contractors and consultants are encouraged to demonstrate their PV & Battery Systems that comply with Horizon Power’s generation management (smoothing) requirements. Horizon Power will be happy to include the systems which demonstrates conformance on our website.

Presently, few demonstrations are underway and the list will be updated on monthly basis after successful demonstrations.

Frequently asked questions

Watch the Solar Story video to learn more about generation management and why it's important. 

The requirement for generation management depends primarily on your tariff, the size of the renewable energy system you would like to install, and the available network hosting capacity in your town.

All renewable energy systems will require generation management, with the possible exception of customers who are eligible for the State Government Renewable Energy Buyback REB (A2, C2, D2 tariff or an educational institution) and are applying to connect no more than 5kW.

Commercial and technical considerations are the basis for deciding whether we can offer the Renewable Energy Commercial Buyback product, on a town by town basis. 

Horizon Power prescribes three methods of generation management, depending on the class of the installation size:

  • Class 1 system size: Up to and including 5kW
  • Class 2 system size: Over 5kW but less than or equal to 50kW
  • Class 3 system size: Over 50kW but less than or equal to 1MW
Generation Management Method Description Applies to
Renewable energy smoothing Participating customers to install energy storage devices that release energy back to the grid to prevent system instability caused by fluctuations in renewable energy generation All Class 1 system size installations if the unmanaged hosting capacity has been reached in the customer's town, or all customers on the commercial contract

All Class 2 and Class 3 system size installations
Feed-in management Participating customers to allow Horizon Power to occasionally curtail the renewable energy installation’s generation output to prevent system instability Class 1 systems size in some towns

Some Class 2 system size installations in some towns 
All Class 3 system size installations
Zero export Participating customers will not be allowed to export renewable energy into the system/distribution network All classes in some towns

Energy control and/or storage installations for renewable energy systems are already available in the market place and renewable energy suppliers and installers will be able to develop these so that they meet Horizon Power’s generation management technical requirements.

Horizon Power will provide information support to suppliers and installers who wish to develop this kind of energy storage installation.

There will be an additional cost from your installer for a generation managed system.

Your renewable energy installer will be able to provide you with a quote for a suitable product to purchase.

You may also be required to pay a fee for Horizon Power to carry out a technical assessment of your renewable energy system application.


Call our Renewable Energy hotline on 1800 618 916.