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Why choose Horizon Power Solar?

We’re here to stay

Horizon Power has been operating in regional and remote communities across Western Australia for more than 60 years. We not only serve our communities – we are part of them.

We live and work in the region we service which is why we call ourselves your Local Energy Partner.

We’re leading the way

Horizon Power is at the forefront of energy innovation as we explore a future using solar energy, batteries, home energy management systems and standalone power systems. We are here to help you explore your renewable energy future.

Premium products built to last

We have carefully selected premium solar energy systems, which are competitively priced, from the world’s leading brands.

Our products are designed to suit regional Western Australia’s harsh climate, with first-class warranties for added peace of mind.

Our solar products

We keep your solar journey simple

We offer a complete consultation to installation service with a dedicated warranty department and after sales support. If you are eligible for the renewable energy buyback offer, we'll take care of that too.

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Our trusted partner

Energy Matters

Energy Matters, our solar energy system provider, has been chosen via Horizon Power’s rigorous selection process, ensuring they meet Horizon Power’s high standards. Here’s why we believe in Energy Matters:

  • 10+ years' experience

    One of the first dedicated solar energy solution providers in Australia.

  • Extended warranty length and terms

    First class warranties with a dedicated warranty department.

  • 23,000 residential installations

    With one of the largest number of accredited installers in Australia.

  • Superior quality

    Assured solar products from reputable suppliers.

Accredited Installer Approved Solar
Together, we’ll work with you to customise and install a high quality, efficient solar energy system in your home or business.

Find out more about Horizon Power Solar. 1300 726 606

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