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An energy specialist will contact you within two business days to discuss your solar energy needs. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact our team on 6310 1029.

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Horizon Power 


Return to Onslow Renewable Energy Pilot offer


*Community, residential and commercial customers in Onslow are eligible for a discount of up to 75% on selected solar panel packages or
solar panel and battery storage system packages, subject to terms and conditions as specified by Horizon Power. This offer may be withdrawn at any time.
**The potential savings and payback period mentioned are based on Horizon Power’s power consumption research, which shows that 80% of Onslow connections can reduce their electricity bills by up to 50% by purchasing an optimally-sized solar panel and battery storage system at the current standard tariffs.  Actual savings and payback period may differ depending on how you use electricity and whether tariffs change over time.
***Horizon Power’s energy partner is Mechanical Project Services Pty Ltd as trustee for the MPS Unit Trust (ABN 42 664 043 970)