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Installing solar in your town

Horizon Power is undertaking trials which will allow more of our customers to install rooftop solar.

With the increase in demand for rooftop solar, utilities around the world are facing similar challenges in how to connect increasing amounts of renewable energy to traditional electricity systems. In the case of smaller, isolated power systems or microgrids, like those operated by Horizon Power, the intermittency of renewable energy poses a challenge.

For each town, we have a certain amount of capacity for rooftop solar that can be safely installed on the power system without compromising the reliability of power supplies to all of our customers. This is our Distributed Energy Target, which we will progressively increase as we trial new technology that will allow for more renewable energy on our systems.

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Can I install solar in my town?

The table below shows the kilowatts available in each town that can be utilised by rooftop solar. Some of our towns have already reached their Distributed Energy Target and so we are unable to accept solar applications at this time.  

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No generation
management required*

management required**

About generation management.

Ardyaloon 0 202
Beagle Bay 20 242 
Bidyadanga  32  389 
Camballin/ Looma  23                  269 
Carnarvon               1001 
Coral Bay  103  191 
Cue 0 431
Denham 0 0
Derby  0 726
Djardindjin  20  242             
Esperance 0 1989
Exmouth 0 0
Fitzroy Crossing 182 1123
Gascoyne Junction 0 77
Halls Creek 167 1024
Hopetoun 0 196
Kalumburu 40 476
Kununurra/Wyndham/Lake Argyle 0 6122
Laverton 0 455
Leonora 0 0
Marble Bar 0 0
Meekatharra 58 1413
Menzies 0 0
Mount Magnet 0 934
Norseman 27 1905
Nullagine 0 0
NWIS - includes Port Hedland,
Roebourne and Karratha
5692 4880
Onslow 184 1655
Sandstone 0 321
Warmun 32 389
Wiluna 20 78
Yalgoo 0 164
Yungngora 32 381


* Generally available to residential customers on the A2, C2, D2 tariffs or to an educational institution who wish to install a five kilowatt or less renewable energy system.

** Customers on the L2, L4, K2, N2, P2 and M2 tariffs will need to install a generation managed system. Residential customers who wish to install a system greater than five kilowatts will need to install a generation managed system. 


If you have any questions about the results the eligibility calculator provides, please contact us at or call our Renewable Energy Hotline on 1800 618 916. 

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