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Technical Requirements Public Consultation

Renewable Energy System Technical Requirements are changing

We are pleased to release the approved technical requirements for connecting renewable energy systems to the Horizon Power network. Thank you to everyone who participated in the public consultation process in April and provided feedback into the review.   

From 1 July, all new embedded generation connections must comply with Horizon Power’s new technical requirements, available below. The technical requirements align to the new Energy Networks Australia National Grid Connection Guidelines and recent Horizon Power technical updates.

What this means for you

New applications for smaller sized ‘Basic Micro EG’ connections are required to be provisioned for Feed-In Management (FIM). FIM provisioning means that systems are ‘FiM Ready’, and can be retrofitted with a FIM device at a later date. Specifications are outlined in the technical requirements below. The requirement for this provision does not apply to ‘Basic Micro EG’ connections in towns inside the North West Interconnected System (NWIS), including Karratha, Port Hedland and Roebourne.

Low voltage embedded generation (‘LV EG’) connections (>10kVA single phase or >30kVA three phase up to 1 MVA) will require Feed-In Management and Renewable Energy Smoothing. For ‘LV EG’ connections in towns inside the NWIS there are no Renewable Energy Smoothing requirements, and FIM is only required for systems greater than 200kVA.

All new embedded generation connections are required to have inverter settings configured in accordance with the new technical requirements.

Note that requirements for some systems may be subject to technical studies.

There is no requirement for existing embedded generation connections to be retrofitted to meet the new technical requirements unless changes are being made to the existing installation.

Horizon Power - Low Voltage EG Connection Technical Requirements.pdf

Horizon Power - Basic Micro EG Connection Technical Requirements.pdf


More information, including an updated application form and eligibility calculator, will be available on our website from 1 July. If you have any questions, please email