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Onslow Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Project

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The Onslow DER Project will connect traditional energy sources with distributed solar and battery solutions, to maximise the amount of renewable energy in Onslow.

Stage One of the project completed in July 2018, and included construction of the following infrastructure:

  • A gas-fired modular power station that is designed to be able to efficiently contract in size as the renewable energy contribution increases, or expand to meet future growth requirements
  • A new transmission line, zone substation and distribution network extension.

Stage Two of the project has now commenced, and focuses on integrating renewables into the system. This involves the construction of a centralised 1 megawatt solar farm and a 1 megawatt-hour network bulk energy storage system, due to be completed in May 2019.

Also included in Stage Two is an increase in distributed solar PV systems and batteries across the system, delivered through the Onslow Renewable Energy Pilot.

About the Onslow Renewable Energy Pilot

The Pilot aims to generate 50% of Onslow's electricity from renewable energy sources, by providing Onslow residents and businesses with access to low-cost solar and battery storage systems.

Under the Pilot, our Onslow customers can purchase a solar system or a solar and battery system at reduced rates to maximise renewable energy penetration in the town.

Learn more about the Onslow Renewable Energy Pilot

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​September 2016

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​January 2017

New power station contract awarded

​June 2018

Solar farm contract awarded

​July 2018

Stage One complete

​March 2019

Stage Two launch