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Onslow Power Project

Power is a critical piece of infrastructure in Onslow that needs to be further developed to ensure reliable and safe supply to the local community.

Stage One of the project includes construction of infrastructure including:

  • A gas-fired modular power station that is designed to be able to efficiently contract in size as the renewable energy contribution increases, or expand to meet future growth requirements
  • A new transmission line, zone substation and distribution network extension.

Stage One is nearing completion and will service the immediate electricity needs of the Onslow community.

Stage Two involves additional centralised infrastructure construction combined with distributed solar PV and batteries:

  • A solar farm adjacent the new power station 
  • A bulk energy storage system at the zone substation
  • Distributed solar PV systems across the system
  • Distributed batteries across the system.

A detailed options analysis has begun for the deployment of distributed energy resources in the form of batteries and solar. Associated construction activities for these works are scheduled to commence in 2018.

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